Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Update July 22nd, 2010

Hey Everyone! It's time for the weekly update!

Camp is only 4 days away!! Here is what will happen the morning of camp:

We will have regular practice that morning at 8am.
Bring ALL of you camp gear with you. You will drop it off in the parking lot area between the pool and tennis courts and it will be loaded into vehicles to be taken to camp.

**** Anything you want to take with you in the vehicle you will be assigned to please put in a back pack. FYI- you will not get to shower until Tuesday.

Practice will be AT's as usual. We will finish and head back to the parking lot next to the pool and have a muffin/fruit and Gatorade's before we get headed up the mountain.

As soon as everything is packed up, we will begin the journey to Green Valley Lake. Directions, packing dos and don'ts are in the link on the right side of this blog click on it and print a copy if you need one. (Same page that Coach Hilton gave you today at practice).

This Saturday after practice there is a team pool party at Austin's House. All of you were sent an email about it last week. If you plan on attending please bring a snack to share. Contact Austin to let him know you will be coming. Austin's address information was in the email. I would rather not advertise his home address on the world wide web. :-) I'm sure his parents appreciate that also.

Also, there is a link to Donal Pearce photography on the right side of this page. Some of you were asking me about the highlight video we watched at the banquet last year, that was all done by Donal. If you would like any information about photos/videos from ANY of our meets, he has been there and taken photos of it. Check out his page.

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