Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Announcements

As I said before, I would try to update the blog at least once a week. There are a few items to go over (there may be a test, or a chance to get free stuff if you pay attention, hint hint!)


**We need some additional small water cups to be donated for our runs! Thank you so much to the Neverman family for spending the time each day at practice to provide the water. Each athlete needs to bring one package (at least) of cups to practice to help make sure we don't run out. (No cups = no water!)

**Remember to stay hydrated!! It is sooooo warm outside now, it is not good enough to drink a bunch of water right before practice, drink water all day!! Just carry it with you wherever you go!! (seriously!)

** BE TO PRACTICE ON TIME!!! Every morning starts at 7am! Don't be late (including you Hilton!)

**Friday's practices are the only exception to 7am... they will be at 11am at the MVHS swimming pool. Please change it on your calendars! If you plan on messing around in the swimming pool make sure you bring your running shoes because you won't be in the pool, you will be running instead.

**Parents- you are more then welcome to come and enjoy the scenic views and get in a good run, walk or hike the days that we are there. Remember there is a $2.00 a day fee or a $25.00 one time annual fee! It is always great to see families working out and staying fit!

**If you are not cleared (and you haven't told me a doctors appointment date) you will be getting an email from me, and a note to take home to mommy and daddy. YOU CAN'T GO TO CAMP IF YOU ARE NOT CLEARED!!! Also, please pay cash to Hilton if possible for camp, summer fees and uniform/spirit pack. The book keeper will only be around on the 19th until school is back in session on August 11th.


Camp is almost here! There are a few things we could really use some help with:

**If you family has a BIG truck and can help haul up camp supplies (AKA your bags) that would be great! Please let Coach G know so I can collaborate a list to make sure we are covered.

**If you have a 7 to 8+ passenger car and would be willing to take athletes up to camp (and maybe help with food, and drive them around on Wednesday and Thursday) please let Hilton know. As of now we have two 15 passenger vans to take up athletes and we will need at least one more.

**If you do not have the camp information, please click on the paperwork to the right under camp information and it will give you a list of things to bring and things to keep at home. You can print it out, or I have extra copies I can give out at practice.

**There are rules at camp, they are also on the right hand list. (There may be a question tomorrow from this pasge!) We will also go over them at camp.

**We tent it at camp, if you have a tent, bring it and figure out who you want to sleep in your tent with you (Boys with boys, and girls with girls). We will have separate camp sites for boys and girls, and a common eating/meeting area.

Well, that is all! See you tomorrow at 11am at the pool! Be ready to work hard!!

~Coach G

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