Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Changes

Well, take two... The league meet was cancelled due to the inability to determine safety of the drive for the buses to the plateau because of the Bear Creek Fire.

The meet has been rescheduled for this coming Thursday October 1st, at 3:30pm. The good news is that the weather is supposed to be nicer. The bad news is that Coach Hilton, the helping parents and I have to set up all over again. :-(

This Thursday is a B day, you will check out at 1:30pm and head up to the plateau and arrive no later than 2:30pm. Again, you do not have permission to leave until the end of the meet, after all trash is picked up and you check out with Coach Gililand. If you have questions, email or call.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

League Meet #1

We will be hosting our first league meet of the season at the Santa Rosa Plateau. The tentative schedule is as follows.

4:30pm- JV Girls (possibly 2 heats)

5:00pm- JV Boys (possibly 2 heats)

5:30pm- Varsity Girls

6:00pm- Varsity Boys

The main entrance to the Sylvan Meadows will be blocked off. Only the coaches and the snack bar trailer will be allowed to park in this area. Parking is VERY limited and it is suggested that you CAR POOL!! Parking is provided along the street and across the street. Please do not block any exits as this is a fire hazard.

There will be a snack bar providing water and gatorades. All empty bottles will be recylced and funds will go to the MVHS cross country team. Remember to throw away all your trash. There will also be additional raffle tickets sold to win the moutain bike and Bar B Q. They are $5.00 each. If you are still selling tickets, you may attempt to sell them at the meet. Remember they are due Oct. 2nd!!

Parent volunteers are helping with the finish line, crowd control on the course, snack bar, set up and tear down.

Release time for all XC athletes is 2:30pm, they will need to check in with Coach G at the front of the school and then they have an hour to get to the Plateau.. There will be sections provided for each team to set up their EZ up tents within the Slyvan Meadows parking lot. All MVHS athletes MUST remain at the plateau until the final race and you are dismissed by your coaches. You are required to help with tear down, and trash clean up. You MUST check out with Coach Gilliland, she will have a sign-out sheet. More information to follow as needed.

Woodbridge Results

Woodbridge has come and gone yet again. There were over 13,000 athletes racing over the course of the day. Nighthawks represented with pride rising to the challenge of a course that included even more changes!! Coach Hilton and I are very proud of all of you. Here are some pictures from the events provided by some of the athletes.

And they're off! The crazy start that proved to be no problem for the Nighthawks!

Our freshman gals getting ready for their first competition at Woodbridge! Way to race ladies!!

Carrie Withers taking the challenge on with courage! 14th place out of 154 runners!
To see more results, click on the title to this post. Next up, League Meet #1!! Thursday, the 24th! Races will begin at 4:30pm.

ATHLETES OF THE MEET: Congratulations to Sara Rubi and Scott Gamble. Once again our athletes of the meet. They are working hard consistently at practice and it is showing in their race results. Great job guys!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fastback Photos

Alright, I told you I would post pictures from each race if you SEND THEM TO ME!! Matta sent me photos from the big event, so here they are. First, some of our junior girls taking a minute to smile for the camera. From left to right, Amanda, Jenna, Nikki, Christina, Bethany and Kaylene.
Christina, we are glad you are recovering quickly from your appendectomy! You are one tough chick!

Mike Matta, I must say, your form is great in this picture. You look like a serious runner! Well, you raced like a serious runner on Saturday too! Keep up the good work!

Can you spot Emily in this mob? Can you believe this is her first race? She looks like a pro!

This picture is of Emily, Shelby and Eden, our new Freshman! Way to race guys!

ATHLETES of the MEET: Congratulations to Scott Gamble and Sara Rubi for being our athletes of the meet. Scott PR'd by almost 2 minutes from last year, showing he has what it takes to perform at the next level. His hard work this summer is showing. This is Sara's first competition and she ran a sub 13 minute race and took 2nd among the junior girls. She is itching for a spot on varsity! Keep up the good work guys!!

Woodbridge Invitational

Just a few things for Saturdays big event.

We will leave MVHS at 1:45pm. Please make sure you are there no later than 1:35pm!! We will meet in the front of the school like always. Be dressed in your uniform, team t-shirt and team sweats. Bring your backpack with water, healthy snacks, and anything else you may need.

Please click on the link to the right that says, "Woodbridge," if you need directions to Woodbridge High School or race times. Our final race is at 8:45pm, we should be home around 11pm. Our school is in the "Blue" races.

Our team dinner will be this Friday at the Griffin's house. Jenna will pass out directions at practice on Friday if you have never been there. It will begin at 6pm.

Here's to a great weekend with more PR's and exciting races!!
MVHS Nighthawks, Desire! Work!! Run, Fight, WIN!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I know you are all super excited to sell raffle tickets as this years first fundraiser. (Sorry for the thick sarcasm). However, this should be a rather simple task. You will each receive 20 tickets to sell to friends, family, neighbors etc. They are $5.00 each. There are 2 different possible prizes. The first is a Bike, below is a link to check it out:

The second item is a BBQ, this thing is AMAZING! Check it out:


You have until the 2nd of October (Friday) to sell your tickets. All the tickets will go into a large box and we will pull out the 2 winners during practice on Friday the 2nd. If you need more tickets please see Coach Hilton, we can print out some more. All tickets need to be returned to Coach Gilliland as soon as you are finished.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fastback Shootout

Alright, racing season is FINALLY here... our first meet will be on Saturday at Mt. Sac for the Fastback Shootout. The list on the right side of the screen has a link that will take you to the website for racing heat schedules.

ALL ATHLETES! You need to be at the school by 5:05 am. You MUST be wearing your uniform, team t-shirt and team sweats to get onto the bus. If you are late, you will still be required to attend the meet, and you will not race, you will also not race next weekend at Woodbridge. Needless to say, BE ON TIME!!

The first race (junior girls) is at 7:30am, please eat and hydrate accordingly. Get a good night sleep, and be ready to race! Those of you that are not racing are still required to attend and help out. You will help with all equipment (tents, first aid kit) and possibly recording splits. Bring a healthy sack lunch. From years past, that I recall, there has not been a snack bar and they are usually filled with junk any way. I just found out that Robek's will have a booth there, bring money if you like, but also remember to bring a sandwich, water, fruit, and healthy crackers. If you race early, have it for when you are done. If you race late, bring small items (banana and peanut butter, other fruit, string cheese etc.) Don't stuff yourself right before your race (TEDDY!)

Once everyone has cooled down and is ready to leave, we will possibly get lunch in our usual shopping center near the Rubios. It is not required, but you may bring money to get food if you like. We should return to the school by around 2:30 or 3 pm.

Our first team dinner will be this Friday at the Calhoun's residence. You will receive directions on Friday during class if you have never been there. Time TBA, it is really fun, plus you get free food!! If you have any questions please call or email.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.

I'm sure this is nothing new to you, but in life we have MANY choices. With each choice we make, our character is shaped and our lives changed. Sometimes the change is small, other times it can be massive.

You only get four years of high school, four years to shape who you want to be when you leave and attempt life in the "real world." No one can choose for you what you will become, choose wisely and live without regrets. One of our past team motto's was, "Excellence Everyday," I think I would like to add to this... "Live life on Purpose." Don't waste your time complaining, or just getting by. You will look back and regret your choices if you do.

With all that said, our first meet is in less than 2 weeks. You have a total of 4 invites and 3 league meets this year, that is only 7 races! Unless, you choose to push yourself and do your best, (every day on purpose) you will look back on this year and wish you would have done better.

I speak from experience. My senior year I had a minor injury, hamstring, and I let it get the best of me and didn't achieve much that track season. I finished high school and left for college with the same mindset and only competed for one year. At first I thought maybe I was burnt out from running and needed a break. Later I realized I was more or less just being lazy and wanting more free time. When I stopped running I started working (there went the free time). I look back and wish that I would have given my all, I wished that I would have stayed focused. I don't want any of you to regret your choices.

So here is your free advice, learn from other peoples mistakes, live life on purpose and do your best every day. Then you can look back without any regrets...