Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome back!

Hey All,

Finally getting a chance to welcome back all the athletes that went to camp (ok, so I'm a little behind, it's been a busy week). Those that were unable to attend, you missed out. However, if you want to check out all the fun, Donal Pearce Photography was there the entire week to take photos and video of our runs, our week of events and even video taped our "entertainment" each night. Donal is currently working on putting together a highlight video and photos for anyone to purchase. Some of this footage will also be a part of the season highlight DVD that will be available at the end of the season.

A quick reminder regarding the rest of our summer break schedule. It will go as follows:

Wednesday- mileage at the plateau 7am

Thursday- mile break downs at the plateau 7am

Friday- pool workout 11am

Saturday- mileage 7am

Monday- AT's at the school 7am

Tuesday- Sprints & Plyos at the school 7am

Wednesday- First day of school. "A" day, mileage after school AT THE SCHOOL

Thursday- 6pm repeat miles meet at MVHS track

Friday- "A" day, mileage after school

The rest of the schedule (and above) is on the calendar. Check out the link to the right of the page. Print them out and have them on your fridge!!

If you have questions please call or talk to a coach.

Remember- practice is not optional! The only way to get to your optimal performance level is to be consistant, be at practice every day, working hard EVERY DAY! Take it one day at a time and then it doesn't become overwhelming. You have a week until you have to add your school day into your schedule, one more thing to balance, but you can do it!! Support one another, help each other!

See you at the plateau tomorrow!!

Coach G

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