Monday, October 3, 2011


We are going to be doing another VERY simple fundraiser. Here is what we have to do:

There is a 5k run-walk race in Temecula at Lake Skinner on Sunday October 30th. All we have to do is get people to sign up and race. Each registration form turned in with MVHS Cross Country labelled at the bottom (including waiver) will give us part of the proceeds! The more people we get signed up, the more money we make.

Only catch, they have to sign up by printing out the form, and NOT online. There is no way to verify it is from MVHS if they register online. SO, Coach Hilton will print out some forms, I will email them to the entire team, and if you want to print MORE copies that helps the team even more! It costs $30 per person to register. They can pay the day of or pay with cash or check (in a envelope stapled to their registration and waiver form) and bring it to Coach Gilliland.

We are VERY lucky to have this opportunity. A former MVHS Cross Country runner, Anthony Flores, is organizing the race and contacted the coaches to help give back to MVHS Cross Country!!

REMEMBER: It is against CIF rules for you to race in this competition because it cross country season, however ALLLLLLLLLLLL of your friends and family can run and YOU can cheer them on! (Coach G might race!)

Click Here for ZOMBIE 5K WEBSITE for more Info...

Talk to Coach Gilliland if you have any questions!

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