Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friday & Saturday

Friday's Team dinner will be at The Morgan-Wilson Residence. Dinner will start at 5:30pm, please bring $3.00 to cover the cost of dinner. Please bring a beach towel, and bathing suit if you would like to swim. Also, if you have a beach-type chair to sit in then there will be enough chairs to accommodate everyone. Please check your email for the address to the Morgan-Wilson's.

Friday night there is also a football game. Two San Diego Charger tickets have been donated to the cross country team. If you would like the chance to win the tickets, please see Coach Hilton at the football game.

Our race schedule this Saturday at Mt. Sac is as follows:

Race #86- Sophomore Boys 2pm
Race #91- Sophomore Girls 2:36pm
Race #92- Freshman Boys 2:44pm
Race #95- Freshman Girls 3:08pm
Race #101- Varsity Boys 4:05pm
Race #104- Varsity Girls 4:27pm
Race #108- JV Boys 5:00pm
Race #113- JV Girls 5:37pm

We will meet at MVHS at 10:30 am to avoid traffic and to find a place to set up tent.

We will have a food stop on the way home, please bring money for dinner. MAKE SURE TO BRING HEALHTY SNACKS FOR BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR RACE AND PLENTY OF WATER!!!!!!!

Please email me if you have any questions
Coach G

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