Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recovery Drinks

Hey all,
I have been asked several times this week to give some information about recovery drinks. It is VERY important to replenish the glycogen (sugar) in your body after your workout. You are given about an hour window to replace the sugar. Here are some recommendations, some are more costly than others.

Chocolate Milk: 
The most simple way to replace the sugar is with chocolate milk. It has vitamins, proteins and carbs needed to help you not feel exhausted after a hard workout. If you can't get any other type of recovery drink, at least have this. You can get this in a large tub at Costco, or just at the grocery store.

Gatorade, Cytomax, Enudrox: 
Three other popular products are Gatorade Series, Cytomax and Endurox. They replenish your body and have a few additional athlete-specific carbohydrates in them to help you from feeling wiped out. Cytomax is commonly used after many 5ks all the way up to marathon distance. This can usually be found at sporting good stores, grocery stores and places like NutriShop or the Running Center.

P90x Recovery Drink:
Don't let the name fool you. It isn't just for doing P90x, if you are strength training or increasing your cardiovascular endurance (like when you run) this stuff is one of the best on the market. I took a packet to Nutrishop and they didn't have anything like it. It works the best, tastes the best, but of course costs more- but you can't get anything like it anywhere else. You can get more information about it and order it HERE if you are interested. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The best way to figure out which recovery drink is for you is by comparing ingredients. Sometimes the cheaper product doesn't always have everything you need it in. OR, it is cheaper because it has less servings.

All of these recovery drinks are good. There are additional drinks you can try... again just remember to read the ingredients and reviews to make sure you are filling your body with the resources it needs to really recover and get you ready for the next workout.

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