Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Practice Requirements

Just a quick reminder about practice requirements. You are required to show up to each practice and complete the full work out. Any athlete that does not do the entire work out assigned to them each and every day will be removed from competition. Be at practice and be ready to work hard each day! Remember your goals you made at camp! You can't achieve them if you don't push yourself every day!!

Injuries are creeping up and it is to be expected. You are putting a lot of strain on your body. Please make sure to communicate with us daily and we will alternate your activity if needed. Remember to ice, stretch, tiger balm etc. Take care of your body! Plenty of rest, nutritious meals, and water!

For those of you that did the bear crawls and plyos Tuesday, we didn't mean to give you blisters. We will relocate them to another spot in the future. (Sorry). The turf gets pretty hot, something we are still getting used to, we've always had grass in the past.

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